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Pet Digital Radiography vs. Film X-Rays

Standard x-rays are quickly going the way of all old technology, and this change has come to veterinarians as well as human-centric hospitals. Now, pet digital radiography is preferred for a variety of good reasons. Here are some of the top reasons you should seek it when you take your pet to a veterinarian in Cooper City:

Pet's X-ray of a broken leg.

Less Radiation is Needed

In most if not all cases, digital radiography uses less radiation than film-based x-rays. It's always healthier to reduce exposure to radiation, especially if several images are needed or if they are needed on a frequent basis.

Results Come in Faster

There is no development time with digital imaging, so the pictures are available for reading almost immediately. This lets you and your pet get finished with the image-taking part of an exam in a jiffy.

If an outside expert's opinion is needed, the process is sped up even more. There's no need to deal with physically delivering hard copies to such experts with digital images. Instead, they can be emailed or otherwise directly transferred to the other office. This lets reading take place at the first available opportunity.

Copies Are Easy to Store

One of the biggest drawbacks of film x-rays and other hard-copy images is their size. It's this size that makes it so that office can only keep a particular image for a fairly limited amount of time. Without the regular destruction of old films, the office would fill up and there wouldn't be room for any new ones.

With pet digital radiography, space limitations are all but meaningless. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of images, can be recorded to modern digital storage devices like hard drives or solid state drives depending on the medium's capacity. This makes it so that it's easy for your veterinarian to pull up copies of pictures taken at any time during your pet's life and compare them to current images. The ability to see changes over time is important for the treatment of longstanding bone problems like arthritis.

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