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Common Illnesses in Pets in Cooper City, FL

Is your pet not feeling well? Here are a few of the most common illnesses we see at our practice. Read below to get more information about the illness itself as well as the symptoms.

​​Dog Illnesses | Cat Illnesses

​There are many reasons why your pet may not be feeling well. If you think your pet is ill, the best thing to do is to bring your pet in and let your veterinarian assess the problem. Give us a call at 954-432-5811 to make an appointment, or make an online appointment.

Skin Issues

These are usually allergic in nature. Symptoms include itching, hair loss, crusting of skin and redness. The treatment varies depending on severity and the specific cause.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and poor appetite. There are many reasons this can occur from intestinal parasites to diseases. It is very important to come in for a check- up if you are seeing these symptoms​.


Usually related to an injury but can be due to neurological disorders, tumors or infections in the feet. We recommend consulting with us before giving any treatment or medications.​

Increased Drinking or Urination

Can be related to Kidney issues, urinary tract infection, diabetes or hormonal issues in addition to less frequent causes. Very important to come in for a check-up.​

Respiratory Issues

These can include anything from Kennel Cough, allergies, heart problems, metastatic lung tumors, pneumonia, collapsing trachea and more. Bloodwork and radiographs are often helpful in determining the cause.​

Skin lumps and masses

These can range from benign lipomas to malignant tumors. Early diagnoses is key to determining the type of tumor or mass that it is.​

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