Many canine owners are surprised when they find out that tooth brushing is an essential part of their pet’s care. While you can take your pooch to our veterinary dentist for a high-grade clean, this type of clean should only be performed once or twice a year. This is because professional cleans are usually performed while your dog is under a general anesthetic. This means that she is completely unconscious, and so our veterinary dentist will have full access to her mouth and will not need to worry about her moving around or closing her jaws during the clean. However, the use of general anesthetic, which does increase the safety of the procedure, means that professional cleans can only be done occasionally.

When it comes to parasite infestations, fleas are among the most notorious and dreaded of them all, particularly as once your pet has contracted them, they quickly and silently make themselves comfortable in your home and are happy to munch on any blood source that come nearby – animal or human. Once they are in your home, it will take more than just a quick vacuum to get rid of them for good.