Mind-Blowing Facts About Cats

Cats are an extremely important part of our world. In fact, millions of Americans adopt a feline friend each year, and research from Statista shows that last year, cats overtook dogs as the most popular type of domestic animal after freshwater fish in the United States.


There are many reasons why felines make such good pets. They are easy to take care for, have a laid-back attitude, keep themselves clean and are great companions. Their independence and happiness with their own company as well as yours makes them ideal furry friends for owners who live busy lives but still want the joy that having a pet can bring.  


Whether you are new to feline ownership or you have had cats for some time before, becoming a parent to a kitty is always a learning curve! Think you know everything there is to know about cats? Think again! Here are some mind-blowing facts about the nation’s favorite pet. 

More than one cat?

If you love felines so much that you have more than one, you have what is known as a clowder of cats.

Cats sleep…. A lot!

It is probably unsurprising to find your furry feline curled up asleep, but unless you watch her all day long you probably don’t know exactly how much she sleeps. On average, a cat is awake for just a third of the day! This means that a 7-year old cat has probably only actually been awake for around 27 months!


Cats have over 20 muscles in their ears

Felines are well known for using their ears as a method of communicating, which they can do thanks to the 20 muscles they have in each that allow them to twitch, curl, bend and pin them back. 

Cats have dominant paws

Much like humans, cats have a dominant paw. While female cats are usually right-pawed, males are almost always left-pawed.

Cats can ‘talk’

Unlike dogs, who can only make around 10 different noises, cats can make about 100 different sounds!

Cats don’t do dessert

You won’t need to worry about sharing your ice cream sundae with your feline furball. Cats are the only known mammal to not have sweet receptors, meaning that she is more likely to steal your chips than your chocolate cake.

No more milk!

Despite cartoons showing felines enjoying a saucer of milk, many cats are actually lactose intolerant!

There is a dwarf variety of cats

Cats aren’t exactly big to begin with, but you may be surprised to know that there is actually a dwarf variety of feline friend. They have abnormally short legs and are called Munchkin Cats.

Cats can drink seawater

Unlike humans and many other animals, the kidneys of cats are capable of filtering out salt from water. On the unlikely off chance that you take your kitty to the beach, you at least know she won’t go thirsty!

Faster than Bolt!

Although some cats come across as unequivocally lazy, the fastest recorded speed of a domestic cat is 30mph – 3mph faster than Usain Bolt!

Some cats appear to have thumbs

Slight genetic deformities are common, and some cats appear to have thumbs. In fact, these are actually just extra toes!

Your cat can’t see past the end of her nose

Felines can often miss food that is right under their nose – because they can’t see it!

Cats have their own version of a fingerprint

Speaking of noses, the ridged pattern on a cat’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint is.

Neutering your cat can help her live longer

When you spay or neuter your pet, you can help them avoid specific diseases which could see her live two or even three years longer.

Tom and Molly

Most people know that male cats are referred to as Toms. However, far fewer people know that females are referred to as a ‘Molly’ or a ‘Queen’. That explains why your furbaby thinks she should be pampered and spoilt then!

Her tail can vibrate

And when it does, it means she is pleased to see you!

Cats can survive tremendous falls

There are cats that have survived falls of 320 metres onto concrete!


Nothing is going to keep your cat from achieving her dreams. A black and white feline called Morris ran for Mayor in the eastern Mexican city of Xalapa back in 2013. Contact us today for further information.