Pet Care 101 – How To Prepare For A Pet Emergency

There are so many things that could potentially happen at any given moment. This is especially true of an active pet. It’s not uncommon for a pet to get into a situation that can cause them harm in some way. Then there are the overall systemic emergencies that involve the whole family such as a hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disasters. When you know the basics of how to prepare for a pet emergency you can help to ensure these events can be handled appropriately, quickly, and as safely as possible.


Emergency Prevention

The best way to prepare for an emergency is prevention. Make sure your home is pet-friendly. Keeping the most well-known pet dangers in mind – such as toxins, dangerous animals, roadways, and dangerous household items – can help you design a home plan that ensures the best chance of keeping a pet emergency at bay. Accidents can happen, but due diligence is preparing you for the best, rather than the worst.


Emergency Contact Information

Now that you’ve prepared for the best let’s prepare for the worst. The first thing you should do in any pet emergency is to contact the nearest emergency animal clinic or veterinary location. So you’re not fumbling around trying to find critical information mid-emergency, store all the appropriate contact information in your mobile device, and write it down somewhere safe, like near your pet first aid kit.


The Pet First Aid Kit

If your pet gets in harm’s way, having the appropriate tools and materials in place can help turn a life-threatening situation into a manageable emergency. Addressing the most common concerns, like excessive bleeding, can help to buffer the problem until you can get to the emergency animal clinic down the road.


Having a pet first aid kit on hand will ensure you are prepared for a worst case scenario if it ever arises. Include gloves, hand sanitizer, bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, rubbing alcohol, scissors, a small blanket, a few treats, and a favorite toy. This will allow you to at least stop imminent bleeding and keep your pet comfortable in an otherwise challenging situation. There are many other items that should be included, so make sure to speak to your vet about a comprehensive pet first aid kit.


The Emergency Preparedness Kit


A first aid kit can also be enfolded into a larger emergency preparedness kit that includes everything required for a quick departure that may last up to a few days away from home.


In addition to a first aid kit, things to include in an emergency preparedness kit are:


●        Food and water – Having enough food and water on hand for each pet in your home is important. Make sure to allocate a weeks worth of both food and water in nicely rationed packages for easy use. Include bowls, serving utensils, and extra water and paper towels for clean-up.

●        Medications – If your pet is on any special meds, make sure to include these in your kit. You may even want to store them in the kit entirely, and replenish as required. This makes sure they are on hand, and you don’t forget them when you have to quickly evacuate.

●        Collar ID, Leash, Enclosure – Make sure your pets all have up-to-date collar information. Make sure they have a leash or harness and a clean enclosure at all times. This helps to ensure you have a clean system that’s safe and ready to go.

●        Important Documentation – Any important documentation such as medical records, vaccination papers, pedigree information, or any other paperwork important to your pet, should be included in your emergency kit. You can even opt to store this information in the kit so it’s ready when you are.

●        Comfort Items – There is no need to make an already anxiety promoting experience any more uncomfortable for your pets. Make sure to include their favorite comfort items like blankets, chew toys, treats, etc. to help them relax while you get where you need to go.


Final Thoughts

A pet emergency can disrupt your life in much the same way as a family member could. After all, our furry friends are family too. Give yourself the best chance of a safe passage through any emergencies that may arise through proper preparation and prevention. Prepare for a pet emergency by following the guidelines above, and make sure to speak to your vet about any advice they can provide. Contact our Hollywood, FL office and reach out to us today, and we can provide you with a detailed plan of action to help you ensure your pet is as safe as they can be in the event of an emergency.