Emergency Vet Care for Cooper City Pets

dog in a clinic

A veterinary health crisis is every pet owner's worst nightmare. When your pet is in serious trouble and every minute counts, you don't have time to search for an emergency veterinarian, let alone determine whether that veterinarian has the necessary skills and expertise to save your beloved companion from pain or even death. The time to choose your emergency vet is right now -- and the emergency vet to choose is Dr. Levin at Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital.​​​​​​​

Understanding Veterinary Emergencies

A veterinary emergency is any medical situation that places your pet in severe distress (not just mild discomfort) and/or serious danger. Examples include:

  • Heat stroke - A spike in body temperature caused by excessive heat exposure can cause fainting, drooling, vomiting and loss of coordination.

  • Snakebite, stings and animal attacks - A poisonous snake can inject venom through a bite, while stings may trigger allergic reactions. Animal attacks can cause deep wounds and massive bleeding.

  • Inability to urinate - If your pet finds urination painful or impossible, a bladder stone or other obstacle may be causing a dangerous blockage.

  • Bloat - Bloat (gastric dilatation volvulus) occurs when the stomach twists, blocking the passage of food. Symptoms include unproductive gagging, abdominal swelling, and pain.

  • Swallowed objects - Non-digestible foreign objects can be swallowed and make their way to the digestive system, causing serious harm.

  • Traumatic injuries - A fight with another animal, collision with a car, bad fall or other traumatic injury can cause lacerations, fractures, joint damage, eye/ear injuries and shock.

  • Poison or toxin ingestion - From household cleaners to ordinary human foods, a variety of substances in your home can threaten your pet's life if ingested.

  • Acute allergic reactions - An acute allergic reaction may include anaphylaxis, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and shock.

Your Cooper City Veterinarian Is Ready to Help

Either Cooper City veterinarian at Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital can help your pet in times of crisis. The first thing you should do is call our office so our experienced team can offer immediate advice. Then bring your pet directly to our clinic for a prompt, yet accurate, diagnosis and efficient treatment. We can stop bleeding, seal wounds, set fractures and perform emergency internal surgery as needed to address trauma, bloat, internal blockages and other emergencies. We can also normalize temperature in heat stroke sufferers, administer the appropriate poison control care, and reduce allergy symptoms with drugs. Your veterinarian will keep you informed at every step along the way so you can understand the available treatment options and be ready to provide any follow-up care or monitoring.

Bring Your Pet to Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital

We know how much your pet means to you, so don't trust him or her to just any emergency vet. Call Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital at 954-280-0500 to learn more about our services -- and then hang onto that phone number!