Tags, Licenses, and Certificates for Your Pet

Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital offers a number of services, including the providence of certificates, licenses, and tags for pets. Pet owners can feel safer knowing that their loved ones are being properly taken care of through these provisions.

Why Do You Need a Tag?

A pet tag will give your dog or cat proper identification. Pets stray from their homes all the time, which is why a detailed ID tag is needed for lost pets. Embassy Lakes will provide a pet tag with the identifying information you will need, including the pet's name, the owner's phone number, and the owner's home address. Owners will have a better peace of mind knowing that their pets can be safely returned to the use of an ID tag on the pet's collar.

Why Do You Need a License?

Depending on where you live, some city ordinances require pet owners to seek a license for their pets. Licenses are created for a few reasons. Mainly they verify that your pet has been vaccinated for rabies. And just like an animal tag, a license will help return a lost pet to his or her home. Pet licenses aren't expensive and they are easy to obtain in the Cooper City FL area.

Why Do You Need a Certificate?

If you are traveling with your cat or dog, you will likely need a certificate to verify that your pet is in good health. A certificate can be issued to you by a veterinarian in Cooper City. Certificates ensure that a pet is vaccinated and free of parasites that could be harmful to travelers.

Why Choose Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital?

Not only will Embassy Lakes provide a tag, license or certificate for your pet at a fair price, the employed veterinarians will properly vaccinate and check your pet to ensure that he or she is in top shape. Contact us today at 954-280-0500.